About me

My name is Erkin KALAYCI, I’m a photographer..

I Capture; the reality
I Capture; the surreality
I Capture; the good, the bad and the ugly.

My captures are inspired by art, light, color and music; Forged by creative perspective and high techniques.
But, most importantly, by people and their reflections.


To me, the world without art would be meaningless.

There would not be anything worthwhile…

No light, no shadow…
No color, no paleness…
No rhythm, no music…
Nothing to open up our minds and no tools to express passion.

I was raised in a family and neighbourhood full of artists and photographers, which is why I don’t remember a life without a camera.


I’ve tried and experienced almost everything: from macro to astro photography, or from analog B&W to infra-red photography.

Amongst all, my passion has always been with people. Snapping portraits at events, funerals to weddings; of babies or seniors… different backgrounds from street people to fashion models. I am there where are vast variety of personalities and passion. I’ve been a photographing for years, capturing life around the globe across several countries.


Thanks to my love for design, mathematics and nature, I studied Landscape Architecture, along with several fine arts and design programs Now I am studying for a Master of Arts in Photography to reinvent my artistic vision.

Where & When

I’ve lived in almost every continent in the north, Europe, Asia, America and brief visits to Africa. At the end moved to Melbourne where I have been living happiliy ever after

with my love

Love? Well, I have deeply fallen for the love of my life, and I am lucky to be near her.