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Rongali Bihu in Melbourne

Spring is the beginning of the year with the majority of cultures starting in the northern hemisphere. The zodiac begins with the spring equinox. Numerous cultures celebrate spring equinox. There are also many spring celebrations in Anatolia, which is my homeland. Nowruj, Hidir Illes, Hizir Ilyas, Newroj, New year ….. This April I met new… Read More

Cambodian New Year in Melbourne

One of the nicest things in Melbourne is diversity. The diversity of people, societies, cultures, religions and finally events. It’s great to be a photographer who is in love with different cultures in Melbourne. So I always try to find out more about people and to investigate such incidents. I usually volunteer for non-profit associations,… Read More

Cool Lady in Treasury Gardens

I was on my way to a photography workshop meet-up in CBD Melbourne. It was a light painting workshop, by the way, and I will write an article about it soon, as well. I used the public transport as usual, so I was a little early. As I was wandering around the gardens and looking for… Read More

Cheers Mate

Another street photography session in Melbourne CBD. In Treasury Gardens one of the intriguing people of Melbourne is smoking. As usual I asked for a permission to take his photographs. And heard the lovely salute of Australia and ours. “Cheers mate!” Cheers mate. Cheers Melbourne.