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AFL Bollywood Style

I get a call from one of my friend in the fashion world. She asked if I am available for a Indian Fashion event. As a photographer who is in love with diversity, I said “Absolutely YES” As a briefing I just heard it is a launch of AFL (Australian Football League) themed Indian Wear…. Read More

Sattriya and Semi Classical Dance

This April in Melbourne, I had the chance to photograph lots of events. One of it was Rongelli Bihu as you have already known. In the celebration event of the Victoria Asamese Community, there were dance performances. Due to the poor lighting conditions and changing of the stage lighting colors, it was very hard, to… Read More

Usha and Aniruddha’s Eternal Love Story

I love taking photographs. I love photographing different cultures. I love photographing the stage. I love photographing the children. And this was all of it. An eternal love story, from a different culture, performed by kids. What should I expect more. This was at the Rongali Bihu celebrations in Melbourne by Victorian Asamese Community. Usha… Read More

Rongali Bihu in Melbourne

Spring is the beginning of the year with the majority of cultures starting in the northern hemisphere. The zodiac begins with the spring equinox. Numerous cultures celebrate spring equinox. There are also many spring celebrations in Anatolia, which is my homeland. Nowruj, Hidir Illes, Hizir Ilyas, Newroj, New year ….. This April I met new… Read More