Rongali Bihu in Melbourne

Spring is the beginning of the year with the majority of cultures starting in the northern hemisphere. The zodiac begins with the spring equinox. Numerous cultures celebrate spring equinox. There are also many spring celebrations in Anatolia, which is my homeland. Nowruj, Hidir Illes, Hizir Ilyas, Newroj, New year ….. This April I met new cultures with the same new year celebrations.

One of the celebrations was Cambodian Budhist new year. And one of the other was Asamese new year celebration which is called Rongali Bihu.

I was booked for photo shoot for Asamese Magazine “Enajori” in Melbourne Victoria. I had a chance to meet with the people and learn their culture. After the editorial shoot, I volunteered to photograph the celebrations. Of course I will write blogs on this subject and share the photos.

Asamese are not Indian. They have differences in their cultures. I can’t tell a lot about them. But I can say that they are absolutely warm, hospitable, pleasant and friendly people.

I am very happy to meet them and make new friends. I hope, I will be their photographer in Melbourne, forever.