Cambodian New Year in Melbourne

One of the nicest things in Melbourne is diversity. The diversity of people, societies, cultures, religions and finally events.

It’s great to be a photographer who is in love with different cultures in Melbourne. So I always try to find out more about people and to investigate such incidents.

I usually volunteer for non-profit associations, communities and non-profit activities. Taking pictures as a volunteer motivates me more. I have had the opportunity to meet the Cambodian community in Melbourne for volunteer photography for the 2017 New Year celebrations.

Visiting Cambodia and learning more about the Khemer Civilizations was one of my dreams since I watched documents about Angkor Wat as a child.
After growing up as a traveler and photographer. Finally, the Far East became a passion.
I had the opportunity to travel to Cambodia, visited Siem Reap, Phnom Penh, and had the chance to see the amazing old Khmer empire and magnificent temples.

I visited many temple ruins in Cambodia, visited the lake towns and learned about people. But I realized that I have never been in a Buddhist ritual in Cambodia.

For this reason, the New Year’s celebrations at 2017 Khemer Wat were a great experience for me. I saw or listened to priests who had prayed before. But watching ordinary people praying with monks was a new and wonderful experience.

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